Peggy Gou to launch her own record label and fashion line

Peggy Gou to launch her own record label and fashion line

The house music polymath is broadening her horizons again…

Peggy Gou is to launch a fashion line and record label in the coming months.


The house star is working with the luxury fashion house New Guards Group to launch fashion line ‘Kerri’, which translates to “giraffe” in Korean, a favorite animal of hers.


“I’m very hyper and giraffes remind me to calm the fuck down,” says Gou, in an interview with i-D. “They make me happy. They are just beautiful creatures with their long neck and eyelashes and purple tongue.


The range will be a high end street-wear brand for women with plans to become a unisex label.


Gou revealed that the New Guards Group approached her after a performance at an Off-White event last year, and proposed that she created a range of clothing items that she would wear.


The prolfic DJ also has plans to start her own music imprint, named ‘Gudu’, which translates as “shoes” in Korean, seemingly a reference to her fans who have started raising their shoes in the air at her gig, chanting ‘Peggy Gou, Peggy Shoe’.


“I still don’t know how it happened but now everywhere I go people say ‘Hi’ to me with their shoes. Apparently some people think shoe is the only word that’s close to Gou.”


Gou wants to release both her own music and music from artists she supports on the label, particularly up-and-coming Asian artists.


“At first I wanted to have just my music, but now I think people would like to know what kind of artists I support.”


Gou’s background and journey to one of the biggest stars in the DJing world can be read in DJ Mag’s top artists to watch of 2017, where she featured.



October 1st, 2018

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