25 years since his debut, EDX has been nominated for Grammy Award!

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EDX is a virtuoso in the electronic music industry with about 25 years of experience, and he’s especially famous for releasing remixes with only EDX’s unique names. As if to prove this, EDX was nominated to be the ‘Best Remixed Recording’ in the Grammy Awards for his remix of Charlie Puth’s ‘How Long.’ Our fast-moving DJ Mag Asia was able to share a deep story with EDX, who describes that it was a 10 year dream to be nominated for the Grammy Award.

Q. Congratulations on being nominated for a Grammy for your remix of Charlie Puth. Can you tell us the story behind this remix?

A. It’s absolutely crazy and I’m so so happy. It’s been a dream of mine, and my production partner Christian, for the last ten years to get a Grammy nomination and I can’t believe it’s finally happened. I love the remix we made for Charlie Puth – it’s one of my favourite remixes – so that makes it even more special. I’m very excited for the show in a few months time.


Q. What does EDX stand for? Where does ‘No Xcuses’ come from?

A. EDX stands for amazing times and good vibes music. People being happy and having a good time with the people that mean most to them. No Xcuses was born around seven years ago as a radio show, and now it’s evolved into a nightlife brand with shows all over the world, as well as the weekly radio show broadcast to over 40 countries.


Q. You’ve been doing this thing for over two decades. What was your most memorable time?

A. Definitely being nominated for a Grammy for my remix of Charlie Puth. That’s has to be one of my biggest career highlights.


Q. What was your favorite music in your early age and who was your favorite artist?

A. There were so many artists that I loved when I was growing up listening to music, but if I had to pick one it would have to be Madonna. I was also really into hip-hop music growing up, which was a huge inspiration for me.


Q. Where do you get the inspiration from when you are making music?

A. You can get inspiration from almost anywhere. Spending time in the studio, jamming with friends. I also travel the world a lot so a large part of my inspiration comes from my travels. Whether you’re meeting new people, or you might be in a nightclub and a DJ plays a track you don’t know that you really like. I’m always open to being inspired by new things.


Q. As an Italian-Swiss DJ, you must be influenced in both countries. Are there any other areas or artists you’ve been influenced to?

A. Absolutely, that’s where I come from and that’s where I’ve been influenced by the most. In terms of artists, when I was young and the whole underground rave thing was going on, I was really influenced by the DJ skills of guys like DJ Hype, Carl Cox, and later on when I started to release music, people like Laurent Garnier.


Q. You’ve done a lot of remixes. What is your favorite one and why?

A. It’s so hard for me to pick a favorite remix, because they’re all so different and they all mean a lot to me. I was recently nominated for a Grammy for my remix of Charlie Puth, so that stands out from the rest for that reason.


Q. Your remixes has special names such as ‘Indian Summer remix’. Why do you name it specially how do you name it?

A. I always try to incorporate a certain vibe into my remixes, and the names of the remixes are indicative of the vibe I was feeling when I was making them. Whether it’s Ibiza Sunset, Dubai Skyline, Indian Summer and so on. We’ve been giving these remixes special names for over ten years and it’s something I really like doing.


Q. You’ve recently celebrated 400th episode of ‘No Xcuses’ Radio Show at Amsterdam Dance Event 2018. How do you feel about working on the radio show for such a long time?

A. No Xcuses 400 was an amazing show in Amsterdam and the feedback was great. It’s so cool to be able to do a radio show every week. It gives me a chance to focus on showcasing new music and the best thing is I can give it away for free!


Q. You’re launching a brand new show before the end of the year. What made you decide to go for this new concept and what has the process been like so far?

A. This year I felt we needed to invest a bit more time into the whole experience of being in a club at one of my shows. My new live show is called XIRCUIT and it will be launched at Avalon Nightclub in LA on December 15. We are really ramping up the production and providing fans with an experience that they will never forget. I want people to leave my shows thinking ‘wow’


Q. Do you have plan to tour in Asia? What do you expect to show your Asian fans?

A. Asia is always a great place to play because it’s so different to Europe and the US. There are so many amazing countries in Asia to name them all, but I will definitely be making a China tour and will be in Thailand next year. We will also be adding many more shows across Asia throughout the year.


Q. Please leave a message for your fans in Asia.

A. I’m so excited to come back and the feedback from my fans in Asia over the past few years has been incredible so I can’t wait. It’s just amazing to see how music unites people from all over the world!

December 11th, 2018

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