Amon Tobin’s “Fooling Alright” out now

Amon Tobin’s “Fooling Alright” out now

The third single from Amon Tobin’s forthcoming studio album

Words: Ariel Jo

Amon Tobin returns with ‘Fooling Alright’, the third single from his forthcoming studio album Fear in a Handful of Dust (released April 26 on Amon Tobin’s newly minted Nomark label).

Says Amon Tobin about the new track, ‘’I’ve always sung on my records in one-way or another, usually as a texture, and sometimes as a different character. This character is kind of androgynous and creepy to me, which is great because the setting in my mind is 1950’s Americana, which I find creepy as fuck.’

The video is an art piece by Christian Moeller which amongst other things measures sincerity. The song addresses our collective tendency to present an external view of ourselves that is happier and more confident than we really are. Coincidentally the video piece touches on similar themes. Specifically with regards to women, who are still habitually directed to smile relentlessly on camera.

Furthermore, Electronic Sound Magazine has a cover feature with Amon Tobin in their newest issue, out April 11. It features  an extensive interview with Amon, plus an exclusive limited edition 7” Nomark Sampler featuring “On a Hilltop Sat The Moon” by Amon Tobin and the worldwide debut of Nomark artist Only Child Tyrant. The release is limited to 500 copies, more info here.

Check out the disquieting new video here

‘Fooling Alright’’ on all DSPs and Soundcloud

April 5th, 2019

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