Interstellar meets techno via ‘N.A.S.A.’

Interstellar meets techno via ‘N.A.S.A.’

A conceptual piece brought to you by Seoul’s finest underground musicians

Words: Kevin Kang
Ever since its website launched in 2008, Soundcloud rose up to fame as a platform where artists could freely upload their music. Numerous artists and musicians of all genres opened their channel and amongst them is NASA. And yes, it’s real: the audio website of the space agency features hundreds of tracks and podcasts, ranging from vibrations of the sun to records designed for alien civilizations—something that Seoul-based collective textures. took advantage of on ‘N.A.S.A.’, their first compilation album.

Released today, the collaborative work marks the first anniversary of the house/techno platform and is imbued with samples taken from NASA’s Soundcloud channel. The album opener, ‘The Sun(Alex Young)’ features skits in which Alex Young—associate director of science at NASA—speaks about how materials moving inside the sun produces a sound. Combined with the stellar productions of ADA ACID, amu, and MOON YI RANG, the mind-blowing collaboration sets the “Interstellar meets techno” tone throughout the conceptual piece.

Laden with mysterious soundscapes and minimal arrangement resembling the vacuum of space, the album invites listeners on a journey to a place well beyond our imagination. Check it out here.

textures. is a Seoul-based media platform which highlights house/techno culture by combining locally-sourced electronic music with images of Seoul. Marking its first anniversary this year, the collective has been at the forefront of Seoul’s music scene, hosting parties as well as introducing numerous new acts through its channel. For more information, check out their social channels below.

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October 16th, 2019

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