Miami Memories:  Prok & Fitch

Miami Memories: Prok & Fitch

Ahead of their Miami showcase this WMC, Prok & Fitch share their favourite Miami memories


In the past few years, Prok | Fitch have cemented their position as one of the most respected DJ and production outfits in electronic music. Prolific and talented, they established themselves on some respected labels and collaborated with some big names of the scene.

With a vast experience of how to enjoy Miami, we ask them some of their favorite memories for WMC.


“Loco Dice’s marathon parties at Space have always successfully managed to destroy us after a week of partying. Once we get in there, we never leave! Always miss our flight home and end up spending more time on the dancefloor in 24 hours than we do in a year!”


“We’ve been doing shows with our mate Green Velvet for quite a few years now. There’s one in particular that stands out amongst all the others and it was about three years ago at Trade. Solardo, Camelphat, Latmun, Detlef, Dajae, us and Green Velvet were all crammed into this tiny DJ booth for about five hours with a case of tequila having a free for all. I don’t remember ever having witnessed a vibe like that in a club during MMW.”


“After a pool party, we invited a few people back to our hotel room to keep the party going… Before we know it, there’s 30 people in our room, another 30 in the corridor and a few cameo appearances from fellow DJ’s. Loads of people came out their rooms and got involved and we somehow managed to keep it going till 2 pm the next day before security shut it down.”


“On one of our first trips to WMC, we went to a legendary Beatport pool party at the National Hotel. There was a quite a few of us and needless to say the beers and vodkas were flying down. We spotted an ice bucket filled with beers and when the bartender turned his back we started helping ourselves to one beer at a time. As the day went on, we started getting a little bolder and one beer at a time soon turned into a six pack at a time. We then heard a rumour from a reliable source that Beatport were about to give away the new Pacemaker -a new DJ gadget worth hundreds of dollars-, to one lucky person in the crowd that could jump the highest. Out of nowhere, James left ridiculously high towering feet above everyone else and bagging the prize, turned out be a very fruitful and enjoyable day. Thanks, Beatport!”

March 6th, 2020

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