The K-Pop hit maker AFSHEEN meets a former Miss A member Min for their first collaboration, JIRYUH (Dope)

The K-Pop hit maker AFSHEEN meets a former Miss A member Min for their first collaboration, JIRYUH (Dope)

Out now on CONECTD, a new imprint with a motif of the Modern Silk Road

Words: Tiffany Kim

When AFSHEEN, the pop prince producer, meets Min from K-pop group Miss A for the first time, it’s inevitable that they will collaborate and create a’ JIRYUH’ song, meaning ‘Dope’ in Korean. ‘JIRYUH’ is exactly what you will say when you hear the hypnotizing voice of Min over the dark energetic rhythmic beats of AFSHEEN

AFSHEEN is no newcomer to the Kpop scene. He’s written and produced for many Kpop acts including Taeyeon’s ‘Four Seasons’ (two weeks at #1 on Billboard K-Pop Hot 100), NCT, BoA  and many more but this is the first track where he brings a taste of Kpop into his world of electronic alternative pop. Being the third collaboration of a new imprint CONECTD, followed by ‘Northern Lights’ by Third Party and Nell and ‘Supernova’ by Junoflo and Curtis Cold, JIRYUH is the pre-game track that you put on while you’re getting ready to go for a night of adventure.

The artwork was created by a Chicago based mural artist David Heo, inspired by the lyrics of JIRYUH, which leaves a mark as the first collaboration put together by CONECTD involving a non-musical artist. Throughout the song, Min repeatedly says Gae-Jiryuh, meaning f**king dope, and three artists would like you to find out why she describes the story in this word by enjoying the lyrics of the song.

The meaning of the lyrics and AFSHEEN and Min’s personal interviews on how they collaborated to create ‘JIRYUH’ can be found in the 2nd episode of a series <CONNECTED MINDS>, published on CONECTD’s official YouTube channel. The series will continue with CONECTD’s upcoming collaborations and is expected to show how CONECTD acts as a Modern Silk Road between artists from different regions.

The new imprint CONECTD was launched to capture the opportunity to bridge the talents from the East and the West, and connect the best of the two worlds, K-Pop and Electronic music. With a motif of the Modern Silk Road, the label is led by UC Management, the powerhouse behind Asia’s biggest dance music festival, and planning on bringing different artists from all over the world to create something that was never done before, and contribute to promote Asian artists around the world.

March 27th, 2020

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