Afterlife released a 31-track opus, ‘Unity’

Afterlife released a 31-track opus, ‘Unity’

All profits from ‘Unity’ will be donated to the Coronavirus medical relief fund

Words: Tiffany Kim


Out of darkness can only come light. ‘Unity’ is a 31-track opus, a symbol of togetherness from Tale Of Us, the artists on Afterlife and some new names to the label. Accompanied by a continuous journey through this new music, mixed by Tale Of Us, we hope this compilation brings some escape at a challenging time.


It is more important than ever that we stand together and do what we can to help our loved ones, our communities and humanity as a whole. All profits from ‘Unity’ will be donated to the Coronavirus medical relief fund of the most heavily-affected region so far, Lombardy in Italy. It is a cause particularly close to the hearts of us all at Afterlife.


The full spectrum of Afterlife sounds is covered, from stirring, sunrise epics and eyes-down techno to more inward-looking moments, individually expressing a collective vision. Crystalline melodies and emotive oscillations connect each work and form the strands which Tale Of Us weave into a momentous Voyage. From the opening tones of the label founders’ own track ‘Alone’, every turn flows further into the Realm Of Consciousness, an unbounded dimension which ends in light.


Various – Unity (AL037)

1. Tale Of Us – Alone

2. Ae:ther – He Does It

3. Anii – MT1

4. Colyn – It’s All Over

5. Hunter / Game – Dark Aster

6. Tale Of Us – Together

7. Avidus – Vangelis

8. Coeus – Rebirth

9. Denis Horvat – Perpetual

10. Fideles – Wave Rider

11. Stephan Jolk – Doubts

12. Stephan Bodzin – Diamant

13. KAS:ST – The First Time (feat. Kerri Chandler)

14. Agents Of Time – Astra

15. Lyke – Moonwar

16. Glowal – Behind Us

17. Anyma – A True Connection

18. Woo York – Immigrant

19. Recondite – Tunnel

20. Josh Wink – Chrysalis

21. Marcel Fengler – Wir Kommen

22. Kevin de Vries – Omertà

23. Soel – Fiorire D’inverno

24. Innellea – Dust Planet

25. Mathame – Magia (feat. Franchino)

26. The Element – Ryder

27. Marino Canal – Unfold

28. In Anima – Last Call

29. Alfa Romero – Claim Your Love

30. Franky Wah – Aftertime

31. Mind Against – Above It All


April 7th, 2020

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