Best known for:
His helmet
From: USA
American helmet-wearer of mystery Marshmello, otherwise known as Christopher Comstock — and for those that know him better still he is affectionately just plain old Mello — is as fierce a genre-bending producer as he is a crowd-pleasing DJ. In recent years he’s been moving away from his saccharine pop EDM sound and working with hip-hop artists — glimpses of hip-hop have been appearing in his music since he first started out. But it’s not just the obvious solid A-listers, Marshmello has been pushing forward songs that his counterparts might not have considered. Recording with Roddy Ricch, 42 Dugg, Migos and Meek Mill, and working through the night, it’s almost like he has a point to prove.

2021, with its worldwide lull in touring and gig activity, has given the Mello one the chance to go deep and spend some serious quality time in the studio. Known for his ability to switch up genres, Marshmello’s anticipated ‘Shockwave’ album came out this summer, released on his own Joytime Collective label, embracing his roots both in electronic dance music, country, rock and rap.