UP 1

House/pop/future house
From: Denver, USA
Originally a live band mixing influences from metal and punk with EDM, Denver, Colorado’s Breathe Carolina are now a duo, focused on main room dance music. David Schmitt and Tommy Cooperman have clearly been paying attention to the ’90s nostalgia present in so many club records at the moment if their latest tunes are anything to go by. ‘Get Back’, featuring Titus, combined the retro sound of Korg M1 organ bass with treacly Auto-Tune vocals, while ‘Vibes’, with Raven & Kreyn, had warping electro-house bass, big pianos and that Loleatta Holloway ‘Love Sensation’ vocal rinsed by so many producers over the years. They’re also not averse to pure pop, as ‘Crossfire’, featuring SMBDY, was a stadium-ready singalong with smooth electronic melodies and an ’80s sheen.
With Covid restrictions lifting, Breathe Carolina have been back on the road again for a US tour playing venues like LA’s Avalon, Temple in San Francisco and Area 15 in Las Vegas, plus some lesser-visited club spots in Salt Lake City and Atlantic City. Catch them in New York, Boston and Vancouver before the year is out.